Elsbeth Dodman has autism and she tells her story of struggling to find long-term employment.
Role: Videographer & Editor with Sebastian Leck
Reporter: Stephanie Gordon

Produced for London Community Chaplaincy, a non-profit organization working from within a low-income housing community.
Role: Co-writer, co-editor, and producer

Videographer, co-editor and co-writer: Marwa Hassan

Produced for Chelsey Park Retirement Community in London, Ont. for recruitment purposes.
Co-produced with Kajol Ratanjankar

Produced for Family Service Thames Valley in London, Ont. for promotional purposes.
Sole producer

Londoners visit the second Punk Rock Flea Market at the iconic music venue Call the Office.
Role: Reporter & Producer

Videographer & Editor: Sebastian Leck
Production Assistant: Melinda Theriault

A play by Robin Luckwald Ross gives insight into gambling among seniors in southwestern Ontario.
Role: Videographer & Editor

Reporter: Melinda Theriault
Production Assistant: Sebastian Leck

Dr. Livio Tornabene and his research team at Western University completed a new Mars mission this October. 
Role: Production Assistant

Reporter: Sebastian Leck
Videographer & Editor: Melinda Theriault
Corrections: The research team will be planning their next set of HiRISE images in 2017 rather than starting a new mission. The new mission that starts in 2018 is ExoMars TGO, which is led by the Europeans and Russians.