Demo reel.
All shots shown are filmed by me.

Elsbeth Dodman has autism and she tells her story of struggling to find long-term employment.
Role: Videographer & Editor with Sebastian Leck
Reporter: Stephanie Gordon

A play by Robin Luckwald Ross gives insight into gambling among seniors in southwestern Ontario.
Role: Videographer & Editor

Reporter: Melinda Theriault
Production Assistant: Sebastian Leck

Produced for London Community Chaplaincy, a non-profit organization working from within a low-income housing community.
Role: Co-writer, co-editor, and producer

Videographer, co-editor and co-writer: Marwa Hassan

Produced for Chelsey Park Retirement Community in London, Ont. for recruitment purposes.
Co-produced with Kajol Ratanjankar

Produced for Family Service Thames Valley in London, Ont. for promotional purposes.
Sole producer

Produced for effect:hope in Markham, Ont. for fundraising purposes.
Editor and producer

Produced for effect:hope in Markham, Ont. for initiative launch.
Editor and producer

Londoners visit the second Punk Rock Flea Market at the iconic music venue Call the Office.
Role: Reporter & Producer

Videographer & Editor: Sebastian Leck
Production Assistant: Melinda Theriault

Dr. Livio Tornabene and his research team at Western University completed a new Mars mission this October. 
Role: Production Assistant

Reporter: Sebastian Leck
Videographer & Editor: Melinda Theriault
Corrections: The research team will be planning their next set of HiRISE images in 2017 rather than starting a new mission. The new mission that starts in 2018 is ExoMars TGO, which is led by the Europeans and Russians.