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The annual Arts Express camp for children with disabilities wrapped up. Here’s a listen into their final rehearsal and performance.
How loud os 55dB? City of Kitchener imposed a new rule on the Ever After festival after a flood of complaints to the city last year.
A new grocery store is in town. It was started by a newcomer to Canada who has been working hard on her English since arriving two years ago.

Radio news

GM Oshawa will be closing in 2019. How will Windsor’s auto industry be affected?
Windsor-Essex saw a lot of frequent 911 callers and launched a new program to combat that. What were the results?
A shooting took place overnight in downtown Windsor. The latest from the scene.

Current Affairs

Jon Picard’s father was dying and his family wanted to move him back to Ontario from Quebec to spend his last days. But OHIP rules made things difficult as the father wouldn’t qualify for Ontario-funded hospice care until three months later.
A family is being evicted from GRCA-owned rental housing. With a daughter who has a disability, Mary-Tim Hare is asking the authority to let them stay until the daughter is 18.