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Copywriting for web

effect:hope, a small charity, needs to show why Canadians why their overseas health programs are important. Neglected tropical diseases are rare in Canada. As a result, getting people to care is difficult.

I used simple language to explain these diseases so potential donors can have a better understanding of the devastation, and the importance of the organization’s work.

River Blindness PDF

News stories

Ontario has retracted a provincially significant wetland designation for a portion of the South Cameron Woodlot, opening the area to potential development. Environmentalists worry for the impact while the city’s mayor says that area was always slated for development.

Some people like to stay indoors when it gets cold. But for a group of ice climbers, they wait all year for below-zero weather to hammer their way up on frozen waterfalls.

Video: writing, filming, editing

London Community Chaplaincy helps families in poverty from right within the neighbourhood. It’s small, but it works. They needed a video to showcase the crucial work that takes place each day, so they can change even more lives.

We met the people at both communities. We wanted to capture the emotions of people using the chaplaincy’s services, as that would best showcase why this organization is so important.

Before I departed for my week-long road trip, I decided to do a voiceover video about the idea that we can’t make decisions with any certainty in their outcome.

I felt like the idea of a road trip, the concept that the journey is more important than the destination, and that uncertainty in decision making tied together well as a theme. I illustrated that idea with a personal narrative, which I voiced myself after I wrote the script.

Design: print, digital

Live event photography